10 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online

10 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm OnlineDeveloping a healthy pipeline of leads and customer prospects for your firm takes hard work – and the right marketing. By taking full advantage of the exposure you can create for your firm online, you stand a much better chance of coming out ahead of your competition. We spoke with some of the country’s leading online marketers, search engine optimization experts, and tech-savvy attorneys to bring you ten tips to help your firm grow it’s online presence – and generate more leads.

1.) Capitalize on Personal Brands

“I think one area that tends to fall by the wayside is personal branding for the actual lawyer[1]/attorneys.” Says Maciej Fita of Brand Dignity[2]  “These days once a website visitor lands on a service page they are going to want to research the partners page to see the face behind the firm. The partners themselves need to almost be a brand of their own, with their own social entities and touch points connected to their personal name. If someone Google’s the lawyer to see more information there needs to be something of substance for them to ingest.”

Karen Leland of Sterling Marketing Group[3]  agrees “Have EVERY single lawyer in the firm develop a strong online personal brand and online presence. Most lawyers have a default brand online (and off) that turns them into generic practitioners. One place to start is with a well-branded LinkedIn. This is essential for successful online marketing. Things to consider for LinkedIn include: A fully fleshed out summary with specific details of the attorneys professional successes, a clear statement of expertise and results, recommendations from at least 10 clients, a professional headshot, and a tagline under the headshot that makes the area of expertise clear.”

According to Ana Levin of Everlaw[4] “80% of law firm traffic[5]  is to the bios of specific lawyers. This is because clients hire a person, not a firm. To take advantage of this, make sure that each bio page has a strong call-to-action, to drive conversion. For example, include a contact form directly on the bio page, or make your phone number and e-mail address very prominent on the page.

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