FJP Releases – Fair and Just Prosecution

Joint Statement from Over 45 Elected Prosecutors on the Murder of George Floyd and Police Violence

In this joint statement, 48 elected prosecutors condemn the despicable and tragic murder of George Floyd, call for the perpetrators to be held accountable, and demand that all prosecutors and law enforcement leaders do more to address racially-biased policing and police brutality. The joint statement enumerates several key reforms, including increased accountability and oversight of law enforcement officers, national databases and changes that enhance the ability to identify and discharge problematic officers, increased transparency by both law enforcement and prosecutors, changes to use of force policies, and fundamental reimagining of the justice system to prioritize fairness, equity, and community wellbeing. For more, read the full statement[44].

“We demand accountability from police and our fellow prosecutors, and we demand systemic change and commit to bringing about these changes in our own communities.”

Nearly 60 Criminal Justice Leaders Call for Release of Medically Vulnerable Individuals from Elkton Federal Correctional Institution

The obligation to keep community members safe does not end at the prison gates. That’s why 59 criminal justice leaders – including 37 current elected prosecutors and 11 current and former police chiefs and sheriffs – filed an amicus curiae brief with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the release or transfer of individuals currently incarcerated at Elkton Federal Correctional Institution (FCI Elkton), a low-level security federal prison in Ohio that has become a COVID-19 hotspot. The brief argues that an immediate and dramatic reduction of the incarcerated population at FCI Elkton is urgently needed to limit the deadly spread of COVID-19 behind bars, among facility staff, and through the broader community. Amici argue that as this serious virus has spread through custodial facilities, incarceration risks becoming a de facto death sentence, particularly for elderly and medically vulnerable populations behind bars. For more, read the release[45] and brief[46].

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