FJP Releases – Fair and Just Prosecution

“[Cash bail] leads to the unnecessary and unconstitutional detention of people who are indigent, deepens the cycle of poverty, disparately impacts Black and Latinx communities, and eviscerates public trust in the justice system. We can and must do better, and that means we must challenge the money bail system wherever it exists.”

Criminal Justice Leaders Rally Behind Efforts to Identify Police Officers with Credibility Problems

Fifty-nine current and former elected prosecutors and law enforcement leaders banded together in support of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s creation of a confidential Brady list (also sometimes known as a “do not call” or “exclusion” list) that identifies law enforcement officials with credibility issues who are unfit to serve as witnesses.  The joint statement notes that this is a well-established best practice employed by prosecutors throughout the nation to ensure the integrity of the justice system. Read the press release[88] and full statement[89].

“The Brady obligation dates back to 1963, is well-established case law and is non-negotiable.”

Elected Prosecutors Offer Insight into Prosecution’s Changing Landscape and Opportunities for Reform

Newly elected and veteran prosecutors came together in Houston for FJP’s annual convening. Over the two-day meeting, prosecutors heard from experts, advocates and people with lived experience in the criminal justice system to identify challenges and solutions to advancing reform within their jurisdictions. Additionally, attendees held a press conference to reflect on prosecution’s changing landscape and to share a new vision for prosecution to guide the work of 21st Century prosecutors committed to common-sense, compassionate criminal justice reforms. Read the release[90].

“People from all walks of life agree that criminal justice reform makes us safer. Those who seek to maintain the status quo too often create a false choice between reform and public safety. A fair system improves public trust, and responsible use of taxpayer resources leads to healthier communities.”

Prosecutors Lead in Forging New Responses to the Opioid Overdose Crisis 

Elected district attorneys and senior staff traveled to Vancouver and Seattle to learn more about the benefits of harm reduction approaches, including overdose prevention sites and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD). Over the three-day visit, attendees met with medical professionals, individuals with lived experience and law enforcement officials to explore better responses to the opioid epidemic that can save lives and keep people out of jails and prisons. Read the press release[91].

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