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“Rescinding DACA would be a devastating step backwards as my officers work to build trust with immigrant communities.”
Chief Chris Magnus, Tucson (Arizona) Police Department

Amicus Brief Stresses that Children are Different and Argues for Review of 241-Year Juvenile Sentence 

In an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court, 75 prominent former judges, Solicitors General, current and former prosecutors, corrections and Probation leaders, and law enforcement officials argue that sentencing a 16-year-old boy to 241 years in prison for a nonhomicide offense is unconstitutional. As their brains develop, young people have the ability to mature, reform, and grow. The brief argues that this sentence ignores the latest brain science, fails to promote the interests of justice and is at odds with Supreme Court precedent. Read the press release here[102] and full brief here[103].

“Condemning a juvenile involved in a nonhomicide case to die in prison – with no opportunity for release – is unjust and irreconcilable with Supreme Court case law.”
Ingham County (Lansing, MI) Prosecuting Attorney Carol Siemon

Amicus Brief Pushes Back on Efforts To Entangle Local Jurisdictions in Immigration Enforcement

FJP, the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law School, and Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. organized an amicus brief supporting California’s challenge to U.S. Justice Department requirements that seek to tie essential federal grant funding for local law enforcement initiatives to immigration activities. Thirty-five prosecutor and law enforcement leaders from around the nation, representing nearly 30 million people, signed the brief noting that, “community trust and cooperation are essential to public safety.” Click here[104] to read the press release and here[105] to read the amicus brief.

“It is encouraging to see prosecutors and law enforcement leaders from around the nation standing together and speaking out definitively about their grave concerns with federal policies that threaten to deepen the divide between law enforcement and the immigrant communities they are entrusted to protect.”
– Miriam Aroni Krinsky, FJP Executive Director

Teaming Up for Justice

Four-time WNBA champion Maya Moore, Kansas City (Kansas) DA Mark Dupree and FJP’s Executive Director Miriam Krinsky talk with former NBA star Jerry Stackhouse about the impactful role of prosecutors in advancing criminal justice reforms. Watch the video here[106].

 “We have to know that there are consequences to our actions.”
Wyandotte County (Kansas City, KS) District Attorney Mark Dupree

Fair and Just Prosecution Awarded Inaugural Art for Justice Grant

Fair and Just Prosecution is proud to be joining other esteemed criminal justice advocates, thinkers and partners as an inaugural grant recipient of the Art For Justice Fund[107]. The grant was made possible through a generous donation by philanthropist Agnes Gund to the Ford Foundation, which administers the Art for Justice program. Read more here[108].

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Announces Support for Fair and Just Prosecution

Fair and Just Prosecution is the recipient of a generous grant from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The grant will help support FJP’s work as it brings together a network of elected prosecutors committed to developing new thinking and innovation in the criminal justice system. Read more from CZI here[109] and read the press release regarding the grant here[110].

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