FJP Releases – Fair and Just Prosecution

Researchers Launch New Tool to Measure Success for Prosecutors’ Offices

FJP, in partnership with criminologists from Florida International University and Loyola University at Chicago and with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Safety & Justice Challenge, announced the launch of Prosecutorial Performance Indicators (PPIs). The PPIs are 55 new measures of performance that challenge and expand traditional measures of success in the field of prosecution. Historically, prosecutorial performance has been measured by metrics such as number of cases filed, conviction rates, and sentence length, thereby encouraging tough-on-crime policies and feeding mass incarceration. Amid widespread protests and calls for reimagining public safety, the PPIs provide a timely shift toward priorities of safety, community well-being, justice and fairness. Read the release[20] and visit the PPI website[21].

“Every prosecutor in the nation should embrace this tool to develop more holistic and reparative solutions, grounded in data, to build healthier and safer communities.”

Fair and Just Prosecution Statement on Charging Decisions in the Breonna Taylor Case

FJP Executive Director Miriam Krinsky issued this statement[22] in response to the announcement of charging decisions in the tragic Breonna Taylor case. The outcome reflects the deep and ongoing flaws of our criminal legal system and the need for a reimagining of policing.

“Our communities need a fundamental transformation of policing, including addressing over-policing – especially in communities of color – and investment in community-led solutions. 21st Century Prosecutors must drive this shifting of priorities and be transparent in holding police accountable, while also advocating for systemic change.”

Fair and Just Prosecution Statement on DOJ Designation of Three US Cities as “Anarchist Jurisdictions”

In this statement[23], FJP Executive Director Miriam Krinsky criticized the Department of Justice’s designation of New York City, Portland and Seattle as “Jurisdictions Permitting Violence And Destruction Of Property” for purposes of restricting federal funding and highlighted that this is just the latest in a series of unfounded attacks on local leaders – including elected prosecutors – who are seeking to promote a new vision of justice.

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