FJP Releases – Fair and Just Prosecution

“This designation is a chilling move and a dangerous pretext for continued attacks…on cities that are Democratic strongholds, coming weeks before the presidential election.”

79 Criminal Justice Leaders Call for Protection of Voter Rights as Suppression and Intimidation Tactics Threaten a Fair Election

The right to vote is fundamental to American democracy and inextricably tied to public trust and safety. Current efforts to undermine the voting process – including interference with the Postal Service and the threat of deploying law enforcement officials to police the polls – damage the fragile bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. In this joint statement, 79 elected prosecutors and law enforcement leaders condemn these tactics and call on all leaders around the nation to help combat these disheartening and destructive efforts. Read the release[24] and statement[25].

“As elected prosecutors and law enforcement officials sworn to uphold the law, we are steadfastly committed to preserving the rights set forth in our Constitution and all of the political freedoms it represents. The American people must be able to safely vote and they must have faith those votes will be counted.”

Criminal Justice and Policy Leaders Call for Federal Marijuana Law Reforms

The racial disparities and over-policing associated with marijuana criminalization have brought trust in the police to an all-time low while harming public safety. Over 50 current and former prosecutors and law enforcement officials sent a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives supporting the federal decriminalization of marijuana, a critical step that would promote equity and allow law enforcement to focus their resources on preventing harm and addressing true public safety concerns. In collaboration with The Law Enforcement Action Partnership, The Justice Collaborative Institute, and Data for Progress, FJP also released a report with new polling showing 62% of likely voters – including 60% of Republicans – support decriminalization, expungement of previous convictions, and investment in communities harmed by past drug policy. For more, read the release[26], letter[27], and polling report[28].

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