FJP Releases – Fair and Just Prosecution

Over 65 Prosecutor Leaders Speak Out In Defense of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

After an armed couple pointed weapons at Black Lives Matter protestors, elected Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner concluded, following a thorough investigation by local police, that the couple should be charged with the felony unlawful use of a weapon. From the beginning of this case, CA Gardner has been the subject of ongoing and vicious political attacks simply by exercising discretion squarely within the ambit of the job she was elected to carry out. Sixty-seven current and former leaders in prosecution rallied in support of Circuit Attorney Gardner and condemned the inflammatory and vicious attacks against her and aimed at furthering a political agenda. Read the full statement[33].

“We stand with Circuit Attorney Gardner as she pursues our shared mission for a fair, just, and compassionate vision of safer and healthier communities. And we stand together in calling for an end to racist, hateful and destructive attacks against local elected prosecutors duly carrying out the job they were elected to do.”

Thirty-five DAs Issue Open Letter to Governors Calling for Immediate Action to Address COVID-19 in Prisons

Read the open letter signed by 35 DAs from across the US to our nation’s governors demanding action to immediately decarcerate prisons. In the letter, these leaders call for governors to use all the tools at their disposal to halt the rising tide of the coronavirus outbreak in prisons, including ordering the immediate release of vulnerable individuals and those near the end of their sentence, providing support for reentry, and improving conditions within prisons. Read the letter[34] and the release[35].

“Being confined in a prison or jail should not be a death sentence. Yet, in the context of COVID-19 that is exactly what it has become for far too many…As states and localities explore ways to safely reopen, Governors and state correctional leaders must act now to prevent our prisons from exploding as reservoirs and accelerants of mass infection and further shattering efforts to flatten the curve.”

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